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If you have a missing tooth (or a few teeth in a row), and the remaining teeth are good stable and stable on either side of the space, then you are a candidate for a Bridge. A ‘Bridge’ is basically two crowns attached to each other with another full crown.  This middle crown is not hollow; it is a solid piece with a smooth underbelly that is easy to clean with floss.  It bridges the gap between the two teeth.  A bridge is cemented in like a regular crown and it does not come off.  It is not to be mistaken with ‘bridges’ that do come off – these are called partial dentures, or just “partials”


Dental bridges in one visit

A dental bridge is an option for replacing one to two missing teeth. A bridge consists of one to two false teeth cemented in place to the adjacent teeth which have been crowned. Dr.Fakhoury can, in some cases, create a bridge in a day.

An alternative for replacing one to two missing teeth is the use of dental implants. Dr. Kim uses a E4D crown for the new tooth on top of the implant—a special titanium screw which acts as a tooth root.

Bridges are a good option for people who want a faster permanent option than an implant which is a two to three stage process and involves healing time for the dental implant. Dental implants, however, are the modern standard of tooth replacement and Dr.Fakhoury recommends them whenever possible.